Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Jersey Shore is Coming Back!

I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blog.  I just haven't been motivated much to write.  I'm going to try to change that!

Starting today!

I just celebrated 3 years since opening my Etsy Shop.  I would have loved to gone back to Brick Beach 1 on my anniversary but it was still closed thanks to that bitch Sandy.

But that all changed today!

I was in the shower, listening to 94.3 The Point when they said Brick Beaches 1 & 3 were open as of today!

I felt the same way I felt last year when the power came back on 8 days after Sandy knocked it out.

Hopeful.  Things CAN go back to the way it was, or maybe even a little better?

There is still a LOT to do down here.  Lots of homes that need to be rebuilt, but it's getting there.

Make sure you come visit the Jersey Shore this summer. Or why wait, I heard part of the Seaside Heights boardwalk is opening this weekend!

Anyway, back to Brick Beaches. I went to BB1 and here are some pictures.

The Entrance
The radio & the township's Facebook page said 
it was open, so I ignored the red flag & no trespassing sign.
I'm such a bad ass LOL 

 I'll explain the circled area a little further down.

I get annoyed when people who haven't stepped foot on the beach spread rumors that the beaches are filthy.
Looking North

Looking South

Ok so I saw a folding chair in the surf. But other then right after Sandy, this is the first real big piece I've seen washed up on the beach. 

And of course I did this <3 p="">

First piece of sea glass

 Then I found a piece of aqua sea glass. 

Seriously, the beaches are BEAUTIFUL!



All the freaking balloon crap!

I found & removed more than 10 pieces of or whole balloons.

That yellow circle on the 2nd picture up there.  That was 2 more balloons I noticed on my way off the beach.  
I have NEVER seen so much balloon garbage on the beach like I did today.

Obviously accidents happen, but seriously people, why not just pop the balloon and throw it on the ground. It's littering and balloon release events are just MASS LITTERING events.

Learn more about how balloons are 
NOT biodegradable from

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