Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The ducks are coming!

If you haven't figured out from the title of my blog, I live at the New Jersey Shore. Ever since the MTV show, Jersey Shore, I joke that I live among the "fist pumping guidos," but honestly my neighborhood is normal middle America suburbia.

I am 3 miles from the beach and less then a mile from 2 other rivers or inlets. That being said, in the 25 years this neighborhood has been here, no one has ever had a problem with their basement flooding, until March, 2010.

My poor neighbor had a large amount of water in her basement twice in March. Thankfully her home owners insurance will cover everything, but still, it's a hassle. She's considering selling the house.

So Monday I hear this weird bird noise. It's loud and constant. I look out the window and there are two ducks in my front yard! I know I live by the water, but I don't remember seeing ducks walking down my sidewalk before! I quick run upstairs, grab my camera, pop on the telephoto lens and take a bunch of pictures.

Then the "wise ass" in me comes out.

I print the picture above and write the following on it:

"Dear Friend,
This couple heard you are thinking of selling your house, they are very interested after hearing about the indoor pond"

I haven't seen her so I stuck in in her door last night. She's still home, the note is still in the door and I'm on pins and needles waiting for her reaction!

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