Monday, April 12, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Ahhh Opening Day 2010, for a while there last year, I didn't think this day was going to come.

Long story short, lots of bad things went on with the "old league" and our town said ENOUGH and kicked them out of the field complex they had occupied forever. It was sad, but in order to have an opening day 2010, it needed to be done. There are still some bad feelings, but on April 10th over 850 children lined up to welcome in the 2010 Little League season.

Ok, maybe not all 850 children showed up, but it sure felt like it! There were little boys & girls in their bright, clean, crisp uniforms running around having a great time.

Still trying to figure out whose bright idea it was to give over half the teams WHITE pants!!! LOL After 1 game for each of my children, we found the extra wash & soak cycle on the washer machine. Pants, so far, are still white.

I love children's baseball. You couldn't pay me to sit and watch a major league game on TV. But sit at the stands (or my case, my beach chair) and cheer on the kids, sign me up! Win or lose, they learn so much and have such a good time.

Baseball isn't just about learning how to play the game. Sure they get exercise and learn the game, but there is teamwork and sportsmanship learned as well. These are 2 very important life lessons that they don't get in school. If they have a classmate that fails the class, it doesn't normally affect them. Having a teammate that isn't very good, that does affect their team. So they learn to work together to either help them get better or step up and work harder to cover for that player.

Throwing a hissy fit in class because you don't like something a teacher did, will probably earn you detention. Do it on the field and it affects your whole team. This happened to us Sunday at my older son's travel baseball team. I'm sure the other team will remember our team because the last kid that was pitching threw a temper tantrum on the field when we lost. You don't want to make your team unhappy. Stuff like that follows you.

If you want to get on a good team, you have to be more then a good player, you have to be a good person as well. No one wants a "poor sport" on their team.

So like many parents around the country, for the next two months my tushie will be in my beach chair somewhere outside the outfield fence cheering on not only my boys & their teams, but anyone that makes an awesome play.

Play Ball!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baseball!

    Have a wonderful season!

  2. Agreed, love baseball?

    Ever think about taking your kids to a minor league game? It's tons of fun and a something different for them to learn the game. Check out the Blueclaws..they have some great things going on...especially if you want to bring out the whole team!