Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Breakfast Club

Last night we came across the movie The Breakfast Club playing on one of the movie channels.  I LOVE this movie, but I can't tell you the last time I watched.   We caught it about 10-15 minutes into the movie, so they're already in the Library.

I'm not one of those people that analyzes movies or pick up on too much stuff.   Someone would say to me "did you notice that every movie "X" does, there's always a scene with "Y" going on?"  I don't notice stuff like that.  

But I realized something last night.  
A. I quote this movie way too often
"Did I stutter?"
"It's a banner year at the Bender house"
"Smoke up, Johnny"

and B.  it's more then just a funny movie, it's actually a GREAT movie and Judd Nelson does an amazing job at being Bender. 

Watching his face as the teacher is giving him detention after detention, you can see the struggle of a teenager who is torn between wanting to be cool in front of the other kids and wanting to cry. 

And then the teacher when he walks out.  It was almost a visual example of "this is going to hurt you more then it's going to hurt me"  It didn't seem like it was something he really wanted to do, know what I mean. 

Or when the teacher locks Bender in the closet, the fear in Bender's face when the teacher is taunting Bender to "just one hit right here."

I love Ally's character and Emilio it's just great.  I have soft spot for Anthony Michael Hall, because my younger son looks like him LOL His portrayal was great too. 

I was riveted to my seat.  The movie flew by and I was sad it was over.

If I had to align my high school self with one of the characters, I would be torn between Ally's & Judd's character.  I hung out with the burnouts, but was shy. 

There were a couple of things Mike & I talked about afterwards.

What would happen today if a teacher locked a kid in the closet.
How quickly would a kid be Expelled if he brought a starter gun to school? 
Oh the times have changed.   


  1. One of the great "cult" classics and yes, I too liked AMH in this flick, but moreso as "Gary" in Weird Science, esp the scene at the "Kandy Bar", lmao!! "She's into malaka's Dino" Just cracks me up as well as "Crazy insane" OMG!


  2. Nev- how about "gimme the keys, Lisa" LOL

  3. LOL, yeah sure kid! hehe. I admit was a lil verbally graphic, but too funny not to link it! Hope you enjoyed!