Monday, May 23, 2011

The weather

The weather in NJ recently has SUCKED.  And sucked hard.  We had about 10 days straight of rain. 

Do you know what it does to a beach writer to not be able to get to the beach & fill orders?  It's very very frustrating. 

And then FINALLY this past Saturday the weather was PERFECT.  It was foggy when I got up, so I wasn't able to head down to the beach for sunrise pictures. However, by 9ish, the fog had burned off and a beautiful day stretched out over NJ.  I grabbed my orders and my camera and took off for the beach.

Then the unthinkable happened.  Oh ok it wasn't unthinkable but it was bad.... amateurish would be a better word... my battery died in my camera.  It was 2/3rds full when I got to the beach... but I was not able to get my orders completed.  Thankfully I did get the oldest ones done and the one that the person needed by this Wednesday. 

Yes, I do have a backup battery... somewhere... I'm sure someone put it somewhere safe....  arg.

So I charged the battery.  But alas, by then it was high tide and no beach writings could be done. 

I just looked at the 5 day forecast... doesn't look horrible, but doesn't look great either.  I'd love to have a few days of a clear sunrise, that is my favorite time to be at the beach (5:30 am) but at this point, I don't even set my alarm.

I can't wait until we have a good stretch of beautiful weather and I can go to the beach every morning.

Want to come with me?

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  1. Ugghs!! We have too and I was just caught in a downpour while running the grill and mowing the lawn! Oly chips!! I sure hope the weat's improves as I know how much you wanna be on the beach!! Diggin the new facebook pic!