Friday, June 8, 2012

Crabby has left the building

Meet Crabby

I made Crabby one night on a whim.  I was looking at a piece of sea glass that was from the neck of a bottle and thought that it looked like a Hermit Crab shell.  So I got to work.

I thought he was pretty cool, but I'm strange.  (I like being strange.)  I put him up for sale in My Etsy Shop and he got a few views.

He's come with me to 2 craft shows, but no one even really looked at him.

He was sad :(

So I made him some friends to hang out with .

I even made him a silver friend.  The silver one has eyes now.

Then yesterday I had a big sale and when I opened the order I saw my picture of Crabby!

Someone bought Crabby!

Crabby is now all bundled up tightly & softly & on his way to his new home.

I'll miss him!

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