Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Beach Day

It was definitely a beautiful day at the beach today.  Due the following stars aligning
1. Older son on crutches & must be driven to school
2. High tide being astronomical (see yesterday's post) & peaking at 9:15 am ish
3. Younger son starting school later then older son

We went to the beach at 8 instead of 9 and I had a helper
That is my 11 year old son having his beach writing washed away.

He saw a log down the beach & decided to go get it.  Turned out to be taller then him! LOL

My neighbors were at the beach today too.  That's the husband trying his hand at beach writing.  I haven't talked to them yet so I don't know if they were successful or not. 

Thankfully my camera battery waited until I was done with my writings to die, so these next two pictures were taken with my son's Ipod, that he was not supposed to have on the beach with him.  But it turned out to be a good thing.

Here's an awesome piece of sea glass. 
AKA litter

And then I took this shot as I was waiting for my son to put his shoes back on. 

His iPod takes nice pictures, but they're not very big and you can't see the screen when you're taking the picture, so I'll stick with my Canon. 

After we were done, we came back home & got here in time for him to get on the bus for school.  

Pretty awesome morning if you ask me!

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