Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is that?

I go to take this shot

and I notice something in the picture on the bottom right.

It's my FILTER.  It fell off my lens!  I don't normally use one, but I was cleaning off my desk & found it so I cleaned it and put it on.

It quickly got caught up in the incoming wave but I was able to grab it before it got sucked into the ocean.

So what any self respecting photographer do with a wet & sandy filter if you don't have your camera bag or pockets???

You stuff it in your bra!

Now I want to remind you (see post below) that I was at the beach for sunrise today.  This meant getting up at 5am, so I was tired.

I get home, have coffee, upload pictures, veg, walk around coma like and then around 9:30 I decide to go take a shower.

I take off my shirt & wonder what the hell is that sticking out of my bra (again remember I'm really tired)

It's the lens filter!  LOL!!!

(No I didn't take a picture, trust me, you wouldn't want one!)

I had completely forgotten about it!

I'm such a dork.

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