Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waiting not so patiently

Long story,k short, my business web site was hosted by for free.  They're doing away with the free hosting but they're letting you try out their new service for free for 6 months.  With my business being in the paper this weekend I'm making sure that my site is up to par.

So I went it and made all the changes Officelive required to move the site over to the new service. 

Now I'm just waiting for GoDaddy to get it back up and running.  It's been 2 hours....  my web address is going NO WHERE.

I am NOT happy!

Tell me if it's up when you click on this link please

My Web Site

Thank you!


  1. I clicked the link a few minutes ago and it took me to your main blog page and it's still loading. =/

  2. hello, your stuff is great!! I have a friend in Ireland that does web sites this is his link....
    Billy once was raised in NY and lived in Florida.