Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I hate the name Sandy... two times in my life I've had to deal with troubles dealing with a Sandy (nothing worth sharing, really really boring)

So now Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast, and where is she supposed to make landfall?

On the Jersey Shore..

Where do I live?

On the Jersey Shore.

 We are in Hurricane Prep mode.  Lots of water & non-perishable junk food!

I'm also doing some cooking. I have sauce made & bagged & 2 jars of store bought, a whole pot of chicken noodle now in the freezer & I'll make stew a little later today.

Bags & plastic containers of water will go in the chest freezer - and the wood will be accessible to board up the bay window & sliding glass doors just in case we're going to need it.

Then tomorrow, this will all be coming down.


I love Halloween, all the fun & none of the stress the other holidays impose on us.  And I don't think it will go back up either.  This makes me very very sad.

Happy Halloween Sandy, you bitch.

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