Friday, October 19, 2012

Odie & The Post-It Note

Once again I turn on the TV to see a Jack Russell Terrier in another big company commercial.

I have a Jack Russell, his name is Odie. He ended up living here after my neighbor had to give him up because of allergy issue.

I've trained him to do a few things, but I would not call him "well trained."  I find him to be more like a cat then a dog.  He'll do what you want, if you have something for him. My border collie mix will lay down and show you her belly just by giving her a mean look.  Odie, couldn't care less.

So I mentioned on Facebook that I need to get on this bandwagon & train him.  My friend Becky told me her dog trainer said to put a Post-It on the dogs nose and when they wipe it off say "wipe your nose"

So I tried this for a little bit and here is where it lead.

I don't think he's going to make me any money... dammit.

So help me keep this little guy fed & buy something from My Store !

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