Monday, October 1, 2012

Jersey Shore Calendar!

I came across this idea in the forums/teams on Etsy.  Did you know there forums/teams on Etsy?  Mostly they're for sellers, but buyers hang out there too.  Anyway I saw this idea in the fPOE team.  fPOE is Female Photographers of Etsy.  I thought it was a great idea so I am trying it out too.  They're called 5x7 Loose Leaf Calendars.  Meaning they're lose, not connected.  This really works well because once the month is over, you have a 5x5 picture that you can frame or give away, whatever you want. 

You can buy yours here

I will soon have an alternative for December, just need the sun to come out!

 I also offer this calendar where you can customize ONE month. 

The idea is to make your anniversary month the custom one, but it's up to you which month you customize!

You can order your calendar with the custom month here.

Besides the 12 months, both come with this front page. 

Happy Shopping!


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